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The Digital Vision technology is the solution for the print disability. We can successfully make all printed items accessible through this technological intervention. Today almost all material is typed in computers before printing and it remains accessible till the time it is not produced on paper. Since the technology of printing makes the text inaccessible, the we have successfully created a bridge between printed information and its original digital version. Make printed information accessible to people with Blindness, Low vision and dyslexia. Digitally Label your documents, medicines, food packets, containers, appliances and much more. Creatively use DV for registration, Library, election, attendance and campaigning. Go green and digital at once, write unrestricted on paper without using pen and pencil. Analyze personal data like name, age, phone, mail of your users and add success to your project.

ID Pro is smart and innovative attendance solution that uses up to date technologies that enables the institutions to maintain entry records in a fast, safe and digital cloud. it is the combination of UACN ID cards that contain QR code picture and basic information of card holder. the android ID pro app that enable the security persons to scan these id cards through mobile and a dedicate web dashboard to see the entries in chronological and user friendly fashion.